First Quarter 2016 Investor Update

April 20, 2016
Dear Investor,

Enclosed please find the following: First Quarter 2016 dividend check, First Quarter Investment Statement and a news article about the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry.

We are in the final stages of plans and permits to place our CNG dispensers at our new Fort Pierce, Florida CNG station. Our station will operate under the CNG brand name Opis Energy. The picture included, will have our CNG pumps located at the islands to the right. The station is located at an existing high traffic diesel refueling station which is currently owned and operated by Port Consolidated: an industry leader with 12 Florida owned diesel stations and 35 years of experience.

Florida is not far from having the necessary infrastructure that will allow truck fleets to travel the entire state without the fear of running out of CNG. Our new CNG station is just another step towards that mission. Fort Pierce is a major pit stop and refueling station mecca for truck fleets traveling through the state of Florida. The new station will allow any CNG vehicle coming from Orlando or Jacksonville to refuel in Fort Pierce; travel south to finish deliveries and refill at our Pompano Beach location. This will lead to expanded business and a growing customer base at both the Pompano Beach and Fort Pierce CNG station.

We are pleased to partner with Port Consolidated and again work with our experienced Operating Partner, Jeff Greene of Wise Gas. Jeff Greene’s 11th CNG station to be built is our Fort Pierce station. We are “Doubling Down” just like UPS as per the article enclosed, by having our second station in Florida with the ambition for many others to be built in the near future by our company.

Should you have any questions, please contact me directly at (949) 878-8045.

Best Regards,

Julio Macedo
CEO/Managing Partner