CNGFillStation-e1368564156603Natural Gas is delivered through a meter from the utility company to the station property at a pressure ranging from 25-100 PSI.  After which the gas will go through a drying system, using various methods based on the gas, until all water is removed. In some cases, the gas is delivered so dry that a simple cartridge dryer can be added at very low cost, in other cases there is substantial water and a sophisticated dryer is necessary. Once the natural gas has been processed through the dryer it goes through a four (4) stage compressor system that will compress the gas to 4000-4500 PSI. 

Once the gas has reached the desired pressure, it is transported via stainless steel tubing to a storage system.  The Opis Energy CNG refueling station uses a three bank system with low, medium and high banks to maximize the equilibrium process of vehicle refueling. After the natural gas has been stored it is ready for resale.  A CNG customer vehicle will pull up to a dispenser input their credit card for authorization and activate the pump.  The pump will not engage unless the receptacle of the vehicle and the hose are locked in place. The CNG will flow from the storage tanks, through a priority panel, through the dispenser and into the vehicle’s natural gas fuel tank.

The priority panel tells the dispenser which storage cylinder to pull the stored gas from. The dispenser uses a sophisticated weights and measure system to calculate the amount of gas delivered to the vehicle. The dispenser displays the amount of CNG delivered and the cost to the customer. Upon completion of transfer, the credit card is processed; and a receipt is delivered through the processing device for the customer. The customer drives away with a vehicle using CNG.