Fourth Quarter 2015 Investor Update

January 11, 2016

Dear Investor,

Enclosed please find the following: 4th Quarter Dividend Check, 4th Quarter Investment Statement and Industry news articles from Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Association.

Previously stated in last quarter’s update letter we have renegotiated the terms of the Opis Energy, LLC (“Opis”) “Operating Agreement” with Jeff Greene. Jeff has continued to work with Hardy Bros on finalizing an extended lease for the Pompano Beach station. We have been persistent in rebuilding our customer base and expanding our business. We will continue to pursue the customer base to maximize the station’s output and profitability. The annualized returns will continue to be at the rate of 10%.

Jeff Greene on behalf of Wise Gas, Inc. will soon be publishing a press release on our upcoming project and CNG refueling station in Fort Pierce, Florida. He is currently negotiating a sub-lease with Port Consolidated for the new Fort Pierce CNG station. The expansion will continue to help build the infrastructure for CNG truck clients.

Good news continues to happen in our CNG industry; as you will read in the enclosed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Association articles. The first article points to the trend of the large automotive manufacturers offering options for CNG trucks and vehicles. This gives the consumer more options when choosing a CNG vehicle. The second article points to the small businesses converting commercial fleets to CNG.

“Even with fuel prices dropping, natural gas remains a sustainable, cost effective alternative to diesel.” said Bill Bliem, SVP Fleet Services at NFI. “NFI remains committed to lowering its emissions and impact on the environment.”

Best regards,

Julio Macedo
CEO/Managing Partner