Act Expo- May 4, 2016

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CNG Fleet Consultation Manager, John Jordan, attended the 2017 Long Beach, California Act Expo on May 3rd, 2017 . The ACT Expo is a national network of industry giants, government, organizations, manufacturers, corporations, and educators that come together to deliver their expertise and vision on the technologies and policies that are shaping the world of clean transportation.

Mr. Jordan has a change to look at all the emerging innovative technology in the transportation industry, primarily focused on the Compress Natural Gas (CNG) sector. The CNG section of the ACT Expo took up a majority of the transportation industry expo floor in every way shape and form. School buses, street sweepers, refuse trucks, tractor trailers, airport shuttles and utility truck vehicles were all on display across several industries.

Manufacturers of every aspect of CNG equipment were in attendance. The latest in technology was on display for showing the leaps that were being made in CNG technology. From gas tanks to station compressors, reps stood by eagerly waiting to share their company’s contributions to the CNG industry.

Many of the companies Mr. Jordan met with were excited about American CNG Enery’s Fort Pierce CNG station and our continued plans for tactical CNG station development for fleets nationwide.

The industry has grown to the point where there are actual non-profits that exist solely for the purpose of custom tailored educational approach concerning the CNG industry. These are indeed exciting times for the CNG market with signs of growth as manufacturers and corporations reinvest in the CNG market. Technology, longevity, performance, availability and competitive edge have continued to show advancements in the industry.

The 2017 Act Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center  was a great event with a large part of the Expo focused on the CNG industry.