Investing in CNG

CNG is quickly becoming a standard fuel in the light/heavy duty and commercial fleet industries. Fortune 500 companies including UPS, FedEx, AT&T, PepsiCo, Waste Management, Lowes, Proctor & Gamble, and many more have adopted CNG as a fuel of choice to deliver reliable transportation services to their customers. According to Natural Gas Vehicles for America, as of December 2016, there were 1,688 CNG refueling stations across the nation, with 945 of those being public access stations.   Experts project that in the next ten years nearly 1 million CNG trucks will be on the road consuming almost 5 billion gallons of fuel per year. There is a need for CNG refueling stations, and American CNG Energy plans to help contribute to the infrastructure for the nations growing CNG network.

CNG refueling station advantage to truck fleets:

  • Fixed Long Term Price per gallon to truck fleets
  • Lower Cost gallon cost to diesel equivalent * (7 year average)
  • Equivalent mileage per gallon to diesel
  • Compressed natural gas offers a cleaner, more cost effective alternative to petroleum.
  • Federal/State Tax Incentives
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility

We have experience and track record to partner and build CNG truck refueling stations. Our goal is to gain a national presence producing returns for our station investors.

American CNG Energy is providing investors the opportunity to participate in the growth and buildout a CNG network.  By aligning themselves with other investors and entities that support the shift away from a petroleum based economy, investors will find that after review.

CNG refueling stations have the potential for many years of high returns. Interested? Contact us

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