Third Quarter 2015 Investor Update

October 20, 2015

Dear Investor,

This letter is to update all of our Investors in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our Company’s Pompano Beach CNG truck refueling station. Phase 1 investment units were sold out in July and now Phase 2 investment units are just about to sell out. We want to say Thank You to those Investors who invested in Phase 1 and later invested in Phase 2. We appreciate your confidence in us.

Enclosed please find the following:
1) 3rd Quarter Dividend Check
2) Third Quarter Investment Statement.
3) Jeff Greene’s/Opis Energy Press Release about the expansion.
4) Industry news article from Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Association.

Jeff Greene’s Opis Energy press release explains the latest on the expansion of our Pompano Beach CNG truck refueling station. The expansion is now complete and is ready to for new CNG truck clients. Jeff is the spokesperson in our company’s website videos. You can see the videos at

Now that our construction phase is behind us, we have begun to rebuild our customer base and expand our business. The current climate of our industry is showing incredible growth. The annualized returns will continue to be at the rate of 10%.

Good news continue to happen in our CNG industry as you can read in the enclosed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Association article. The article points out two major trends that are taking place: a) the CNG infrastructure development in the US remains strong despite the lower oil prices and b) many gasoline retail stations are adding fast-fill CNG refueling pumps to their station. This is encouraging the purchases of new CNG and conversions of CNG delivery and pick-up trucks.

We feel that we are in a most opportunistic position to ride the CNG refueling trend. Please feel free to call me directly at (949) 878-8045 should you have any questions at any time or email me at

Best regards,

Julio Macedo
CEO/Managing Partner